Negima! Magister Negi Magi Complete (Dual Audio)

 Title: Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Language: Dual Audio (English & Japanese)
Format: .mkv 
Subtitles: English
Episodes: 26  ~24 minutes per episode
Size: 5.04GB ~200MB per episode

Negi Springfield is a ten-year-old wizard from Wales, who dreams of becoming a 
Magister Magi (Approximate Latin translation: "Master of Magic" or "Master Mage"), 
a special wizard who uses his powers to help normal people, using covers such as working for NGOs.After graduating from the Merdiana Magic Academy in Wales, Negi is given a duty as a cover in the real world, and training, before he actually becomes a Magister Magi.That duty is to become an English teacher at Mahora Academy in Japan. The task will not be easy, however, as Negi will become a teacher to a Middle School class of 31 older girls,each very special in her own way. The series details his time and adventures in Japan as he gains acceptance and respect from his students, helps them in their problems, and faces magical threats from inside and outside Mahora Academy.

Directed by Nagisa Miyazaki and originally written by Ken Akamatsu
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  • Negima! - 01 - The Blockhead in the Professors Chair.mkv(216.22 MB)
  • Negima! - 02 - Every Beginning is Difficult.mkv(205.77 MB)
  • Negima! - 03 - Lovers, Lunatics.mkv(207.25 MB)
  • Negima! - 04 - No Place Is Like Home.mkv(193.67 MB)
  • Negima! - 05 - Rumor Flies.mkv(198.54 MB)
  • Negima! - 06 - Between A Rock And A Hard Place.mkv(204.21 MB)
  • Negima! - 07 - The Appearances Of Things Are Deceptive.mkv(199.96 MB)
  • Negima! - 08 - One Night Befalls All Of Us.mkv(187.52 MB)
  • Negima! - 09 - I'll Get You, Wascally Wabbit.mkv(190.99 MB)
  • Negima! - 10 - Where There Is Harmony, There Is Victory.mkv(197.76 MB)
  • Negima! - 11 - When They Are Silent, They Are Shouting.mkv(179.59 MB)
  • Negima! - 12 - Either Learn Or Leave.mkv(198.29 MB)
  • Negima! - 13 - We Live and Learn.mkv(200.89 MB)
  • Negima! - 14 - I Hope the Memory of Our Friendship Will Be Eternal.mkv(190.41 MB)
  • Negima! - 15 - A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed.mkv(253.73 MB)
  • Negima! - 16 - Love and a Cough, Are Not Concealed.mkv(180.07 MB)
  • Negima! - 17 - Nothing is Difficult for Those You Love.mkv(186.07 MB)
  • Negima! - 18 - Love Knows No Rules.mkv(173.28 MB)
  • Negima! - 19 - Words Fly Away, the Letter Remains.mkv(195.23 MB)
  • Negima! - 20 - Unless You Believe, You Will Not Understand.mkv(200.04 MB)
  • Negima! - 21 - Never Despair!.mkv(219.31 MB)
  • Negima! - 22 - It is Difficult to Joke in a Sad Frame of Mind.mkv(184.96 MB)
  • Negima! - 23 - Remember to Die.mkv(204.94 MB)
  • Negima! - 24 - Both Weapons and Words Can Wound.mkv(179.24 MB)
  • Negima! - 25 - Certain Death, Uncertain Hour.mkv(200.02 MB)
  • Negima! - 26 - It's Not for Me, It's Not for You, It's for Everyone.mkv(215.77 MB)
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