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 Installation Instructions:

1: Download and install Microsoft Applocale, google it and install from Microsoft's website.

2: Mount the ISO with Daemon Tools or Magic ISO, BUT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL YET.

3: Run Applocale and go through the wizard to where it asks you to pick an application to run. Browse to your Virtual Drive in My Computer where the Sengoku Rance CD is mounted and explore it, then click on als_inst.exe, then go through the wizard until it runs the program.

4: If you get an error in gibberish NOT Japanese then you didn't do step 3 right.

5: Once it's finished installing go here
and download the English Patch which is version 1.01 as of writing this.

6: Now install the English patch, once it's done it should place a shortcut on your Desktop, now run the play and game. Enjoy.

Please Seed and Enjoy this AMAZING game! =D

Note: I've read that if have errors with the game not displaying text correctly, you may need to install some additional fonts. I can't help you with that, sorry, google it.

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