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League of Legends is an awesome and exciting DoTA-style game, which provides a lot of fun to the player. It has a unique map with a lot of goals to achieve and many features which are being updated by the company regularly. There are 2 kind or maps into the game, a 3vs3 map called Twisted Treeline and a 5vs5 map called Summoner's Rift. There are many champions to choose from (over 60 champions). There are 6 types or champions in total: Casters, Assassins, Tanks, Ranged Fighters, Melee Fighters and Supports. All in all, League of Legends is an awesome game, easy to play and really really fun. Did I mention it is FREE? Yes, this amazing game is absolutely free.
Info on how to install the game are included with the download.

Have fun!			 
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