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Slenderman's Shadow is based off indie game 'Slender' by Mark J. Hadley (AgentParsec). It shares the same gameplay elements as the original - you must complete the objective while avoiding the enemy. This is not intended to be a copy - simply a way for people who loved Slender to be able to face their fear on a different map with the same awesome gameplay. There are some differences which will make playing a somewhat unique experience - different AI, new sounds, and a different environment. Enjoy!

If you enjoy the game, please donate some money, every cent will go towards improving the game, making more maps, covering hosting fees, and you can get some cool stuff too :D Visit the donations page to find out more.

19th August 2012
v1.4 of Sanatorium has been released, which adds VSync, improves smoothness on all systems, and tweaks gameplay with improved page textures. Also fixes some bugs where you randomly die. Enjoy!		 
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