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 This is the game Battlefield 1942.  It is a 2 CD set ISO, and the no cd crack is located on the 2nd disk

Another High Quality Torrent Download from CastorTroy4693
Information about this Torrent and Associated Files

This file has been scanned with Norton AntiVirus, and is clean.  I test all files prior to uploading the torrent.  
Files Included:
Download Listed Above
Keygen : YES
Included Key : NO 
Crack/Cracked EXE : YES
EXE Patcher : NO

If there is a cracked EXE included with the download, then install the program, and copy the cracked EXE over the original file.

If there is a patcher or anything else, please refer to the .NFO (open with NotePad) or the readme included in the download.

Please read the files included in the file you are downloading to figure out how to use the crack!

I am providing these programs for testing purposes only.  If you like this software, buy it!

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